About us

Established in 1992 by psychotherapist Jill Brown, The Harbour (charity number: 1008360) provides free, professional counselling to people facing death, dying and bereavement. Clients include people with a life-threatening illness, loved ones, carers and those who have been bereaved following illness.

Regular counselling provides a time and space where you can explore how you feel about what is happening, and also consider the impact that your past life experiences may be having now. It is a time when you can speak about things that are difficult to share with people close to you, and begin to make sense of your experiences.

‘’My sessions at The Harbour helped me to untangle my life and to realise the many buried issues I had to deal with. They also gave me the confidence to hold my head up, instead of walking around with it down. I cannot thank The Harbour enough.’’ – Former client.

We work in a comfortable location in central Bristol. Our services are unique, accessible and confidential, delivered by a qualified, experienced team who adhere to the BACP Code of Ethics and Practice.

We support around 300 people each year, offering 1:1 counselling, couples counselling, or group therapy depending on the needs of each client. This support can be a lifeline that for people who feel isolated, worried, in fear and/or at a loss in their relationships. It can help them to find the strength to manage their lives.

 ‘’Suddenly I realised how much the medical approach had dehumanised us. Most professionals at this stage saw him simply as a cancer and me as a machine for keeping him fed, clean and medicated. It felt amazing to be reminded that he and I were both full human beings, dealing with complex and agonising emotions around the simple medical facts of his diagnosis and prognosis’’ – Former client

If you would like information on how to access our services please click here.