Group Therapy

The Harbour runs therapy groups in Bristol, with support from Macmillan Cancer Support. These groups are for people who are struggling to cope with cancer, or another life-threatening illness, and feel very isolated or alone with their feelings.

About the groups

Joining a therapy group can help people to recognise that they are not alone. Our groups offer an opportunity to explore and understand feelings in a safe and supportive environment. The groups draw on individuals’ life experiences as a way of helping make sense of what is being faced. As trust is built in the group, members can find it possible to share some of their most difficult thoughts and feelings. There is an opportunity to learn new ways of relating to others, and to change old unhelpful patterns of communicating. This learning can be taken into relationships in everyday life with family, friends and colleagues, and can enrich relationships which may have altered since being diagnosed.

Group members can come to feel understood and supported by others in the group and this can reduce stress and help develop inner resources which make their experience more bearable.

Establishing group therapy at The Harbour has been a significant step forward in providing a place where participants can begin to experience a sense of belonging, and find space to gain new emotional perspectives. 1-1 meetings with the group therapist prior to joining the group allow for any questions you may have to be explored, so that you and the therapist can work out together whether this is likely to be a helpful direction for you to take.

For further information about our groups, or to make an initial 1:1 appointment to discuss the possibility of joining a group, please contact us.

**In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and in line with social distancing measures, please be aware that we are now offering sessions over the phone or via Zoom**