Individual Counselling

  We offer regular weekly therapy sessions for a period of up to 16 sessions. We offer individual counselling to:

  • anyone who has, or has recently had, a life-threatening illness
  • people who caring for someone who has a life-threatening illness (including family members, friends, and loved ones)
  • people who have been recently bereaved as a result of an illness

We can only offer counselling to people over 18, and you would need to attend at our premises in central Bristol. If we can’t offer counselling ourselves, we will do our best to direct you to other agencies who may be able to help. Clients can use counselling sessions to discuss whatever they wish, but commonly the sessions would:

  • explore the impact of life threatening illness
  • talk about fears and concerns
  • discuss relationships with family and friends
  • pay attention to how clients think and feel about their medical treatment

Read our FAQs to find out about what counselling might be like at The Harbour, or contact us if you would like to arrange an initial session.