Payroll Giving


Information for employees

Payroll giving or ‘give as you earn’ is a cheaper, tax-efficient way of supporting and giving to The Harbour as the donation is taken from your gross (pre-tax) pay.

For example if you pledge to give £10 from your gross monthly salary, it will only cost you £8 (at 20% rate of tax) or £6 (at 40% of tax), but The Harbour receives £10 as the tax man pays the rest!

To find out if your employer has a payroll scheme, get in touch with your HR department. If yes, ask them for a pledge form.

If your employer does not have a payroll giving scheme, ask if they will consider setting one up, show them the information below and remember to ask if they will match employee donations as this will double the difference all your donations will make!

Information for employers

Payroll giving is really easy to set up and encourages charitable giving in employees. It helps towards your corporate social responsibility programme and can enhance loyalty within your organisation – particularly if you match donations.

Payroll donations are deducted from employees’ salaries before tax. They provide regular, predictable income which helps charities like us plan for their future activities.

Benefits to you

Payroll giving can enhance your company’s image and improve community involvement programmes, including employee volunteering.

Allowing your employees to donate to their chosen charity in the most tax efficient way can boost morale and motivation within the staff force, increasing retention of high quality employees.

It enhances your corporate social responsibility programme, contributes towards overall charitable giving – and it’s really easy to set up.

Setting up

You need to register with a Payroll Giving Agency (PGA). Payroll giving must be administered through an HRMC-registered PGA. We recommend the Charities Aid Foundation, Charities Trust or Charitable Giving.