The Harbour’s 25th Anniversary



2017 marks The Harbour’s 25th anniversary year. Since we were set up by Jill Brown in 1992, we have supported thousands of people with the devastating impact of illness, helping to ease their fears, to give words to their anger and sadness, and to carry burdens that appear unbearable. We work with people facing the end of their life, with carers and with those recently bereaved by illness.

Our therapists can face the anguish of a parent who has lost a child; we can help a young man diagnosed with a late-stage cancer to move beyond his rage and his fear; we can help somebody with dementia and their spouse to sustain a loving and safe relationship when the carer feels at breaking point.

We have a series of activities planned over the year to celebrate our 25th year including:

  • A team of staff and volunteers running the Bristol 10K to raise money for our work
  • Case studies and stories about the impact of our work
  • A fundraising concert taking place over the summer
  • A conference on Saturday 14th October: ‘On being alive to death’ – please contact us to register your interest

If you would like to take part in any of these activities, or you have some ideas of your own then please get in touch!