Therapy Groups at The Harbour

These therapy groups are for people who have a life threatening illness, or are a carer. Group therapy meets a different need to a support group and as far as we know, there are no other organisations offering this, in the U.K.

Many of those attending have cancer and the Harbour one year group for people with breast cancer is now in its third year.

We have found that these groups are a valuable option for those who may be

  • Struggling with the emotional issues which can arise strongly at a life –changing  time
  • Finding it hard to communicate with family and friends –to hear and say what may need to be heard and said.
  • Wanting to learn/change something about themselves or their circumstances, in order to move forward.

People can experience cancer in different ways-some might feel isolated, others overwhelmed with anxiety and thoughts about the future. It can be hard to talk about it with family and friends.

A therapy group can help you recognise that you are not alone .It offers an opportunity to explore and understand your feelings in a confidential and supportive environment. The groups draw on life experiences as a way of helping people make sense of what they are facing now. There is time in a group to take things at a pace you can manage.

Ongoing weekly sessions can l help group members, communicate more effectively and enable this learning to be taken into relationships in everyday life, with family friends and colleagues. The groups are led by experienced group facilitators, and potential group members will meet with the group facilitator individually first to ensure that the group is likely to be helpful. These meetings are also to help prepare the new member for how the group works and how to make the most of this opportunity.

To find out more please contact.

Julie Wilde

Group Therapist

The Harbour Tel. 0117 9259348